What a project tracker does for your academic, business and startup life

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This article’s heading almost included the life personal, but after a second thought, it was decided not to. This is because of this next suggestion. Whether you are dealing with academic life or internal musings on how your business is proceeding, a separate journal book is ideal for setting aside personal thoughts. Later on, these private matters, whether they are inspirational or internal mind-mapping exercises or critical objective setting exercises reserved, these can later be formalized to an online or CPU-based project tracker.

This formal tracker can then also be shared with stakeholders within the academic fraternity or among internal and external business stakeholders, depending on the nature of the business or how you have styled its life in your position as project leader or company owner. The same goes for the phenomenal twenty-first century paradigms of the startup. By now, most readers reading this are already quite familiar with the concept.

In fact, many of you have already adopted that entrepreneurial spirit, whether out of necessity or sheer personal ambition. Computer based project trackers downloaded and set in different formats, in accordance with ongoing projects, allow the individual business owner, project manager or team leader to maintain control of all workflows and the meeting of targets and projections going forward.

In the past, far too many people have avoided this sound set of business tools, based on the Excel creations, for all the wrong reasons that are contrary to assertions and positivity required for the successful running of a business. The fear was always that the sheets to hand were always far too complex and difficult to manage. Impatience was also the bane of many practitioners who shied away from the tools that most successful businesses in operation today are already utilizing.

In the past, it was left to an informational technology agent or specialist staff employee, at great cost to the company, to set up the requisite planning and monitoring sheets. What was missing from this referral of work was an acute understanding of business administration and the business leader’s ambitions. Today, the IT representative’s so-called shortcomings are also a thing of the past. Today, in fact, many seasoned and qualified IT practitioners are already well-versed on day to day business operations, no matter its nature.

But today, the cash-strapped individual self-starter does not need to outsource this essential exercise. This is because learning how to set up, utilize and manage project tracker tools is no longer archaically riddled with technical jargon that was always incomprehensible to the layman. Today, the online guides made available to users upon downloading the program, are user friendly. Guides on how to set up your own unique or customized schedules are given in steps, shortly phrased and always available to refer back to in the event that a user has lost track of the process and needs to go back to the drawing board if you will.