Treating yourself to a wellness farm

A farm is a well-known fact. Many readers have had the privilege of living on a farm, never mind visiting one during their school holidays, once upon a time. Once upon a time, if they were lucky, the old country farm remains a distant memory. Little did many readers know those that have never had the privilege of visiting a country farm in their lives, farms are very much in existence, now, more than ever before.

This is a necessary enterprise. Because at last count there were at least seven billion people on the planet. And what do all these people, young and old, need to survive? Food, of course. And what is the great provider of these necessary foodstuffs? Farms, of course. Lots of them as it turns out. There are some countries in the world that continue to subsidize their farmers. That is a good thing because today it is quite difficult for farmers to survive, never mind thrive.

Today they have to put up with high food costs and they generally do their very best to keep their prices as low as possible. But when they do raise their wholesale prices, it really cannot be helped. There are just too many external factors for them to contend with. Just think of today’s global warming and climate change issues. But there are those little countryside farms that are doing well against all the odds.

These are your organic and free range farms, doing everything in their natural power to provide you with healthy produce good for your heart, body and mind. There are also wellness farms to go to. On these farms you sign in as the animal or plant. It is you that is cultivated.