Earn Money as an IT Service Provider

The IT service sector brings in billions each year and you can have a piece of that opportunity by becoming an IT service provider. What may surprise you is there is no need to be an expert in performing IT services! That was not a typo, you can make money offering IT related services without actually being able to do them and the way you do that is by becoming an IT service reseller.

How to Become an IT Service Provider Reseller

This step can be labor intensive but if you get this right the rest is smooth sailing. What you need to do is locate companies that offer IT services. When you have identified the firms that are providing these IT related services you will need to review each of them to determine whether they are competent and capable of doing great work. This type of research involves looking for feedback left by current and former clients. If you are satisfied that the company is able to provide good quality IT related services at competitive rates you will need to negotiate terms with them.

Striking a Bargain

You will need to establish contact with the IT service provider and find out whether they are open to establishing a working relationship. In this relationship your company would subcontract out IT related services to your clients. The IT service provider would receive their agreed upon rate and would do the actual work. Your organization would charge your customers whatever you wanted for the respective IT related services and the difference between what you receive and pay the 3rd party service provider is either your profit or loss. Most companies would be willing to enter into this arrangement because there is no downside to them.

IT services

What you need to do is make sure the rates being quoted by the service providers are competitive enough that you can add your own layer of fees on top of it. This additional layer of fees is where your profit lies so it is vital to strike a bargain and get a competitive quote. A potential bargaining tool you could use is offering the service provider more consistent work. By offering consistent work you may be able to get a discounted rate.

Rolling Out Your Online Presence

Now that you have the relationship established with the 3rd party It service provider you can begin marketing these IT related services. You will need to create a website and begin marketing these services to prospective clients. This part will take some planning on your end to identify, engage, and convert prospective customers into paying clients but with consistent effort you should be able to achieve that goal. In order to capitalize on this opportunity you have to be proactive and start reviewing the various options that are available. The sooner you begin negotiating relationships with these 3rd parties the sooner you can start selling these facilities so begin doing your research now.