Choosing Permanent Dentures

When you are in a position of having lost many teeth over the years, you are going to need to find a solution. No one wants to have a mouth where there are no teeth. Not only does it make it much harder for you to chew and eat food, but you are also going to feel unhappy about your appearance. And we do not want you to feel this way. What we want is for you to feel happy and comfortable each time you look in the mirror at your teeth. And we can ensure that this will happen for you, no matter what condition your mouth is in right now.

Every person is different, which means the best way for you to get an opinion on what you should do is by talking with a dentist. They are the only ones who can assess your situation, talk with you about what you want, and come up with a solution. But if you have already lost quite a few teeth, and you have some others that are on the edge, you may want to think very seriously about permanent dentures. This is a solution that can help you immensely.

There are many good and bad things about permanent dentures. If you are interested in the positives, we can list them for you right now. The biggest advantage to having these dentures is that they are very stable. These are not the type of dentures that you will need to take out when you are eating, or anything of the sort. They are fixed in place, and they are not going to cause you any issues down the road. It is going to feel as though you have genuine teeth in your mouth. After a few years, you may even forget that you have dentures!

There are some issues with dentures too, and it is best that we let you know about these. The biggest issue that many patients face is the money they have to spend. Permanent dentures are more expensive than temporary ones, or compared to other solutions that your dentist may present. But they are by far the best solution for someone who is in this situation. In fact, we would recommend that if you are able to finance the process, you should not hesitate. Yes, you are spending a lot of money, but we think your oral health is worth the expenditure.

permanent dentures

The other issue that you may face is the prospect of surgery. Most permanent dentures will require surgery so they can get fixed into place. If you are afraid of going through such a procedure, you may want to think long and hard about the route you want to take. The good news is that when you are with a qualified and experienced dentist, you need not worry. They know what they are doing, and they have completed these procedures countless times in the past. You are in good hands, and your surgery will be over before you know it!